Moya Simons

Photo of author Moya SimonsPreferred audience: primary and lower secondary students

Moya Simons has written over 35 books for upper primary/lower secondary school children.

Her current book Let me Whisper You My Story is already being used in various schools as an informative and moving story on a child in hiding in World War II.  Moya's books have been shortlisted for the Young Australian Best Books Awards three times.  Hello God was a notable book in the 2008 CBC Awards, and Moya's detective series, The Walk Right In Detective Agency books, were shortlisted two years running for the prestigious Davitt Crime Awards.

Many of Moya's books have travelled overseas and been translated into six European and Asian languages.  Moya enjoys talking to children about the writing process and can also give creative writing lessons to primary and lower secondary school students.

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