Jan Latta

Photo of author and wildlife photographer Jan LattaPreferred audience: primary students

Jan came face-to-face with a mountain gorilla in Rwanda and the experience changed her life. When she realised there were fewer than 600 mountain gorillas left in the world, she wanted to do something to help, so decided to publish books for children on endangered animals to help their survival. 

To create the 15 True to Life Books, Jan travelled to China, Borneo, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Costa Rica and 10 times to Africa. She follows wild animals, taking photographs and writing about their survival. She is the ‘voice’ of the endangered animals to tell their true to life story.

12 exciting educational videos add fun to her inspirational presentations and creative workshops. Jan is a popular speaker at schools and festivals for both adults and children in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and throughout Australia. She is a proud Role Model for Books in Homes.

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