Jeni Mawter

Photo of author Jeni Mawter

Preferred audience: students of all ages

Jeni Mawter is the author of the hilarious So series: So Gross!, So Feral!, So Sick!, So Festy!, So Grotty! and So Stinky! and Freewheelers series: Unleashed!, Launched! and Extreme!

Jeni has published picture books as well as non-fiction, poetry, verse narrative, songs and scripts.

With over ten years of experience, Jeni’s workshops are both fun and informative. Students will learn how to: write persuasive texts for NAPLAN; develop interesting characters; write adventure/comedy/picture books; edit and improve their stories; write poetry; and lots more!

As well as face-to-face, Jeni is experienced in virtual classroom workshops.

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