Nette Hilton

Photo of author Nette Hilton

Preferred audience: primary, secondary, young adults and adults

Nette Hilton is a multi-award winning author of many short-listed and translated books, including Proper Little Lady, The Web, Sprite Downberry and The Innocents. Her work is available throughout the world. She is a sought-after mentor with the ASA and primary and secondary schools where she runs workshops, talks, and information sessions for children, young adults and adults.

Nette Hilton’s school sessions deal with the structure of narrative. From this base, students are able to develop questions and language that allow them to edit their work and develop stories. Their awareness of character, setting, plot lines and audience awareness are positive outcomes from their narrative experiences.

She enables her students to meet NAPLAN expectations, including persuasive text for which she has developed new workshops.

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