Melaina Faranda

Photo of author Melaina Faranda

Preferred audience: primary to secondary students

Author, English teacher, and compulsive storyteller, Melaina Faranda has written 29 young adult and children’s books (published in Australia and internationally), worked in hundreds of schools, and has the almost supernatural ability of getting the most reading-averse kids to turn off their mobiles, totally engage and beg for her return.

A versatile speaker, Melaina can specifically tailor creative writing and self-editing workshops to your primary or secondary curriculum and staff development needs.

Popular workshops include 'How to Write a Story Without Having to Think', 'Making Bad Writing Better and Good Writing Great', 'Generating Great Stories for the HSC', 'Enrichment Writing', and 'Duelling with Dragons'. 

She’ll be happy to work with you to deliver to your students what they need most.

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