Laura E Goodin

Photo of author Laura E Goodin

Preferred audience: high school students & adults

Internationally published and performed novelist, playwright, and poet Laura E Goodin specialises in writing science fiction and fantasy novels, stories, plays, and libretti. Her debut novel, After the Bloodwood Staff, was released in December 2016 from Odyssey Books; her novel Mud and Glass is scheduled for release in May 2017. She has a PhD in creative writing from the University of Western Australia, and teaches creative writing at Deakin University.

Laura presents on getting started in writing science fiction and fantasy; structure and craft in story writing; and writing for performance.  Workshop format is flexible, and can run from two-hour sessions to whole-day and multi-week workshops.  She also works with Houston Dunleavy in collaboration with schools' teaching staff to form creative teams of musicians, writers, and performers who will create short music-theatre works that tell their own original stories. The format is flexible, and can range from one-day intensives to visits over an extended time, between which students work with their teachers on the musicals.

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