Tamsin Janu

Preferred audience: Mid to upper primary school studentsTamsin

Tamsin is an author of junior fiction. Tamsin’s first novel, Figgy in the World, was joint winner at the 2015 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and won the Children’s Literature Award and Premier’s Award at the 2016 Adelaide Literature Festival. Tamsin’s second novel, Figgy and the President, follows Figgy as she grows up and embarks on further adventures across Ghana. Her latest novel, Blossom, is junior fantasy/mystery set in Australia.Tamsin’s interactive talks focus on her novels and the creative process. She speaks about the inspiration behind her stories, including her experiences in Ghana and how life in Australia and Ghana is similar and/or different, explains how to create compelling characters, and discusses the benefits journalling can have for creative writing. She is happy to tailor her talks to meet the preferences of her audience.

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