Georgie Donaghey

Preferred age group: 6 -12 year-olds plus workshops for adultsGeorgie

Words and Pictures – take a peek into the world of authors and illustrators and see how words and pictures come together to tell a story, then have a go at creating your own picture book!

Fun, creative exercises to stimulate discussion with the group and individual activities to help children fully explore their writing aspirations.

Adults Workshop – A Roadmap to the Children’s Writing Industry

Finding your way in the children’s book industry is tricky. Without the right guidance, you’re likely to take many wrong turns. A Roadmap to the Children’s Writing Industry will address your many questions and answer those you didn’t know you had.

Designed for adults, this course will educate and equip you with the tools needed to take your journey to the next level.

The 3-hour workshop is for adults from 18 years of age.

Georgie’s involvement with the children’s writing industry is extensive as a past President of the CBCA Sutherland Branch and founder of Creative Kids Tales, an industry-recognised website designed to assist Australian children’s authors both emerging and established. She even took her love of writing to the airwaves with The Author’s Shelf via Community Radio.

Georgie is the author of the picture books Lulu, released by Wombat Books, Clover’s Big Ideas, published by Little Pink Dog Books, and In the Shadow of an Elephant, due for release in 2019. Besides publication in Heat Anthology, she is also the publisher of The Creative Kids Tales Short Story Collections.

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