New South Wales

Stephen Axelsen

Photo of illustrator Stephen Axelsen

Preferred audience: upper primary

Stephen Axelsen, while studying sociology at university, taught himself to draw and has been writing and illustrating humorous works for children since 1975. Stephen has illustrated many books including a graphic novel, The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim. He wrote and illustrated the Piccolo and Annabelle series of novels, which were shortlisted three times for the Aurealis Awards and won once.

He has worked as a monthly contributor of illustrations for The School Magazine since 1985.

His presentations focus on the process of creating pictures and words, and answering the difficult question, ‘where do ideas come from’. Workshops encourage children to understand how text and pictures work together, and how to draw using a wide variety of simple expressions.

Nette Hilton

Photo of author Nette Hilton

Preferred audience: primary, secondary, young adults and adults

Nette Hilton is a multi-award winning author of many short-listed and translated books, including Proper Little Lady, The Web, Sprite Downberry and The Innocents. Her work is available throughout the world. She is a sought-after mentor with the ASA and primary and secondary schools where she runs workshops, talks, and information sessions for children, young adults and adults.

Nette Hilton’s school sessions deal with the structure of narrative. From this base, students are able to develop questions and language that allow them to edit their work and develop stories. Their awareness of character, setting, plot lines and audience awareness are positive outcomes from their narrative experiences.

She enables her students to meet NAPLAN expectations, including persuasive text for which she has developed new workshops.

Lewis Morley

Photo of Lewis Morley

Preferred audience: high school and tertiary students

Lewis has 30 years experience in the Australian film industry working in miniature effects, special props and art department design. Films he has worked on include Razorback, Dark City, The Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars Episode 2 and Epsiode 3, and Superman Returns.

He also lectures on design and character creation for tertiary and high school students.

Lewis' workshops cover drawing skills for comics and storyboards; character design and character through posture; what is creativity and where does inspiration come from; the ethics of research; originiality versus plagiarism; sculpture as a quick design tool.


Jeni Mawter

Photo of author Jeni Mawter

Preferred audience: students of all ages

Jeni Mawter is the author of the hilarious So series: So Gross!, So Feral!, So Sick!, So Festy!, So Grotty! and So Stinky! and Freewheelers series: Unleashed!, Launched! and Extreme!

Jeni has published picture books as well as non-fiction, poetry, verse narrative, songs and scripts.

With over ten years of experience, Jeni’s workshops are both fun and informative. Students will learn how to: write persuasive texts for NAPLAN; develop interesting characters; write adventure/comedy/picture books; edit and improve their stories; write poetry; and lots more!

As well as face-to-face, Jeni is experienced in virtual classroom workshops.

Lesley Vamos

Photo of illustrator Lesley VamosPreferred audience: all ages

Lesley studied at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, receiving a Distinction in the Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours in animation.

She spent the next year in LA getting experience and is now working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, spending time both here and abroad to ensure growth in both her skill and her creativity.

Lesley has four years of experience in teaching people to draw and motivating them to pursue what they're truly passionate about.

Workshops range from an hour-long drawing lesson focusing on how to see your world differently, to 300+ crowds in 4-6 hour sessions talking about self motivation and making your own comic.

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