New South Wales

Patricia Bernard

Portrait photo of Patricia BernardPreferred audience: primary through to adults

Patricia left Australia when she was nineteen. During the next twenty years she sailed up the Nile, worked in Berlin during the closing of the Wall, met Mohammed V of Morocco in the Sahara Desert, travelled through Alaska in a sports car in winter, fell in love with a Spanish matador, married in Jamaica, hitch-hiked with her one-year-old daughter around Japan and Korea just after the Korean War, became stranded on the Niagara Falls Bridge without a passport, visited Lhasa in Tibet, was among the first Australians to visit China in the 70s, and was the first NSW resident given a visa for Cuba.

She has worked and travelled all over the world, and intends to see all the other countries she hasn’t yet seen before she falls off the planet. She lives in Paddington in a convict-built house. She loves travel, science fiction, children and cinema.

Moya Simons

Photo of author Moya SimonsPreferred audience: primary and lower secondary students

Moya Simons has written over 35 books for upper primary/lower secondary school children.

Her current book Let me Whisper You My Story is already being used in various schools as an informative and moving story on a child in hiding in World War II.  Moya's books have been shortlisted for the Young Australian Best Books Awards three times.  Hello God was a notable book in the 2008 CBC Awards, and Moya's detective series, The Walk Right In Detective Agency books, were shortlisted two years running for the prestigious Davitt Crime Awards.

Many of Moya's books have travelled overseas and been translated into six European and Asian languages.  Moya enjoys talking to children about the writing process and can also give creative writing lessons to primary and lower secondary school students.

Felicity Pulman

Photo of presenter Felicity Pulman Preferred audience: primary and secondary students to adults

Felicity is the author of the time-slip novel Ghost Boy, which the Quarantine Station in Sydney based their Ghost Boy tour on. The Shalott trilogy explores and re-interprets Arthurian legend. The Janna Mysteries is a medieval crime/romance series for teenagers set in England in the 12th century at a time of civil war.

Felicity’s new novel, A Ring Through Time, is a time slip historical romance for YA that explores the dark convict past of Norfolk Island. 

Felicity Pulman has many years experience talking to students and adults about researching and writing her novels (with powerpoint presentations), and conducting workshops in a variety of genres including fantasy, crime and writing from history.


Shane Thamm

Shane ThammPreferred audience: all ages

Shane Thamm wrote My Private Pectus while studying masculinities at Queensland University of Technology.

After six years working in high school outdoor education and the masculinised outdoor adventure industry, he became intimately interested in what makes young men tick.

The emotional challenges they negotiate each day, often in silence, are of great significance to Shane.

He likes to give these boys a voice.


Kim Miller

photo of author Kim MillerPreferred audience: all ages

Kim Miller grew up freewheeling the backstreets of country NSW but now lives on coastal Lake Macquarie.

Though he first studied engineering, he holds a PhD blending theology and Jungian psychology.

Kim was a prison chaplain for many years and now works with men coming out of prison.

His YA book is They Told Me I Had To Write This, published in 2009.

His most recent book is the children's eBook Who's who - Poo in the Zoo: Disgusting Poems for Gross Boys.


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