Chris Collin

Preferred audience: Suits audiences from kindy through all primary age levels.Chris Collin REDUCED

Chris is an award-winning independent children's author, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  He has published three books - Funky Chicken: A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks, A Bug Called Doug & Funky Chicken: Chooks in Space (winner Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year). Chris’s mission is to encourage children (and their adults) to 'read for the joy of reading!'

Chris’s presentations are fun-based and include live narration of stories to music, singing and dancing, costumes, puppetry and art activities.  He also conducts Brain Strain Creative Rhyme workshops!

Kathy Stewart

photo of author Kathy StewartPreferred audience: younger and middle readers

Kathy was born in South Africa, and she and her husband now live on the Gold Coast, Australia. She produces non-fiction books on writing and editing, and loves writing crime, mystery and children’s books.

She gives children’s talks on empowerment and encourages a love and understanding of nature.

Kathy gives talks to younger and middle readers that encourage an understanding of all living creatures, their role in the universe plus how to interact with them.

She also gives talks that empower children, teach them right from wrong and give them skills to deal with problems they encounter.


Eileen O'Hely

Photo of author Eileen O'helyPreferred audience: primary students, high school students, beginning and emerging writers

Eileen is an erstwhile astrophysicist, journalist, teacher and barrista who writes for children and young adults.

Her work has been shortlisted for and won several awards, and is published in countries as diverse as Ireland, Korea, Turkey and China.

Eileen’s workshops include craft activities based on her novels From Idea to Book, Eschewing Adjectives, Actions Speak Louder (characters communicating through body language), Writing as a Career and Q&A’s with older students.



Kyle Mewburn

Photo of author Kyle MewburnPreferred audience: all ages through to adult

Kyle is one of New Zealand’s most eclectic and prolific writers. His 50+ titles have been published in 27 countries and won numerous awards including NZ Children’s Book of the Year.

His work ranges from multi-layered picture books (Old Hu-hu, Hill & Hole) to gross, laugh-out-loud junior fiction (Dinosaur Rescue series).

Kyle’s high-energy, inspirational and downright funny presentations gallop across a vast terrain taking in such highlights as childhood dramas, his journey towards a writing career, and setbacks and successes, with loads of writing tips and insights into the publishing process along the way.

His lively and engaging workshops focus on adding value to stories. 

Karen Tyrrell

Photo of author Karen TyrrellPreferred audience: prep – year 8 (book talks), years 4 – 9 (writing workshops), years 10 – 12 and adults (advanced workshops)

Karen is an award-winning author, senior school teacher, and survivor of bullying. She writes picture books and junior fiction for children about wellness, resilience and personal development.

Her published works include STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember empower kids to live their strongest, and are aligned with Kids Matter: Australian curriculum.

Her interactive story-telling sessions always include costumes, wigs, audience interaction and humour. As a speaker, she talks about well-being, bully prevention and coping skills to inform and empower teachers and students. Karen also runs and coaches dynamic creative writing workshops for kids and adults.

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