Elaine Ouston

Photo of author Elaine OustonPreferred audience: prep to year seven, adults (day writing workshops)

Elaine Ouston has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing. She teaches writing to adults, and writes books and short stories for children and young adults. Her published works include Lost in a Strange Land, The Mystery of Nida Valley, and its sequel, Captured.

She is experienced at delivering workshops to school and library groups. Her workshops can be adapted to any age group. Her writing workshops cover all aspects of a story's creation, from an idea right through to publication.

Author talks include: 'The book: Lost in a Strange Land - chapter book for early readers', 'The animals: The native animals of Australia and Britain', 'The book: The Mystery of Nida Valley a novel for 9+', 'The animals: Megafauna and dinosaurs of Australia', and 'Becoming an author'.

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