Pamela Rushby

Photo of author Pamela RushbyPreferred audience: middle – upper primary, high school, adults

Pamela Rushby was born in Queensland more years ago than she cares to divulge. She has worked in advertising, as a pre-school teacher, and as a producer of educational television, audio and multimedia. She now writes full-time for children and young adults.

Pam is passionately interested in children's books and television, ancient history and Middle Eastern food.

Pam presents workshops and talks for young people and adults. Talks for young people include how her novels were researched and written and how to write your name in hieroglyphs – and other Egyptian activities. Talks for adults include how to write killer first sentences, how to pitch (effectively!) to publishers, how to write a first page that will keep readers hooked, and those pesky synopses: a formula for writing and selling synopses.

Katherine Battersby

Photo of author and illustrator Katherine BattersbyPreferred audience: prep - year 3 (book talks), years 4 - 9 (writing/illustration workshops), years 10 - 12 (more advanced art workshops)

Katherine Battersby is the critically acclaimed children’s author and illustrator of Squish Rabbit, shortlisted for the 2012 Crichton Award and named a Notable Book in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards.

Her second picture book is Brave Squish Rabbit and she has also had many short stories published in magazines and anthologies for young people. 

Katherine is an experienced children's presenter, whose talks and workshops are interactive and fun. She regularly presents book talks (where she fosters a love of reading through stories and activities), writing workshops (which include writing tasks that help young people create vivid stories), and illustration workshops (where participants learn how to create their own characters and capture them on the page).

Royce Bond

Photo of author Royce BondPreferred audience: years 6-12, teachers

Royce Bond is an award-winning teacher and author. He loves to create different worlds in his stories where the reader is invited to join in the adventures.

He has conducted writing and creative workshops and teacher in-service throughout Central Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

His workshops and talks for students are about planning and building a fantasy world; descriptive writing within a story; and how to enthuse children to write.

His workshops for teachers are about using drama to create insight into narrative writing; creating a writing atmosphere in a classroom using the internet and unusual props; creation of individual student magazines; motivational storytelling, even up to grade 12; and the use of questioning skills to develop deep thinking skills (based on Royce's books).

Emily Craven

Photo of author Emily CravenPreferred audience: secondary students, adults.

Emily is an author of fantasy and YA fiction. Her latest novel, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cainis set in Facebook.

She’s the Digital Producer at If:Book Australia and has run workshops for adults and teens on marketing, ebooks and creating transmedia events for the ASA (Australian Society of Authors), the World Fantasy Convention and the National Young Writers’ Festival.

Emily can conduct lectures, talks, or full and half-day workshops for adults and teens on ebook creation and marketing; online book marketing; building an author platform; building and using a social media platform; crowd-funding; blogging; the incorporation of transmedia and interactivity in storytelling; and the potential for social media and mixed-format books to tell relevant, modern day stories for teens.

Dimity Powell

Photo of author Dimity PowellPreferred audience: primary aged students, years 5-12, adults

Dimity writes picture books, chapter books and short stories for children. Her work has been published in the School Magazine and online, and has either won or been shortlisted in numerous writing competitions. PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? is her debut junior novel. To read, write and inspire are Dimity’s main passions in life.

Her 35 – 60 minute workshops involve and include: why writing is important & how to get kids to write more; idea creation and development; character development – examining what works, why, and how; picture Books – the elements of the art form; story creation and structure – the elements of a good read; and 'Tool Time' – tools, tricks and tips authors use to build a story and sell it. All presentations include an interactive writing exercise (the fun bit!) and/or book readings.

Dimity also conducts seminars for librarians and writers' groups.

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