Michelle Worthington

Preferred audience: prep to middle school studentsMICHELLE W

Michelle is an internationally published award-winning author of over ten empowering picture books for children of all ages. Her goal is to inspire all children to believe in themselves and encourage reluctant readers to fall in love with books. Two-time winner of the International Book Award for Children’s Hardcover Fiction and finalist in the US Best Book Awards and Book Excellence Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award for Children’s Literature and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in picture books.

Michelle conducts author visits at primary and special schools, libraries and bookstore storytelling sessions. She also hosts publishing workshops for adults wanting to learn more about writing for children.

Her many books include The Bedtime Band, Yellow Dress Day, The Pink Pirate and Glitch.



Elaine Ouston

Photo of author Elaine OustonPreferred audience: prep to year seven, adults (day writing workshops)

Elaine Ouston has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing. She teaches writing to adults, and writes books and short stories for children and young adults. Her published works include Lost in a Strange Land, The Mystery of Nida Valley, and its sequel, Captured.

She is experienced at delivering workshops to school and library groups. Her workshops can be adapted to any age group. Her writing workshops cover all aspects of a story's creation, from an idea right through to publication.

Author talks include: 'The book: Lost in a Strange Land - chapter book for early readers', 'The animals: The native animals of Australia and Britain', 'The book: The Mystery of Nida Valley a novel for 9+', 'The animals: Megafauna and dinosaurs of Australia', and 'Becoming an author'.

Angela Sunde

Photo of author/illustrator Angela SundePreferred audience: primary, secondary and tertiary students

Children’s author and illustrator, Angela Sunde writes novels, picture books and short stories.

Awarded 3rd place in the CYA Conference 'Illustrated Picture Book' competition and short-listed (twice) for the Charlotte Duncan Award, Angela hopes to inspire the dreams of children everywhere.

Formerly an award-winning language and literacy teacher with a broad range of experience in primary, secondary and tertiary education, Angela delivers engaging presentations and inspiring workshops for children and adults at festivals, conferences, writers’ groups, libraries and schools.

Whatever your needs, Angela can tailor a talk or workshop to suit.

Brian Falkner

Brian FalknerPreferred audience: primary school students

Every year Brian visits a number of schools in New Zealand, Australia, the US and in other countries around the world.

Brian’s best-selling titles include Brainjack, The Project, The Super Freak and The Tomorrow Code.

His talk ‘The Life of Brian’ is a fun interactive session that introduces students to Brian and his books while encouraging them to read and to write.

Brian’s sessions are entertaining, humorous, motivating, and will keep kids of all ages thoroughly engaged. Topics covered include how he became an author, his current and upcoming books, where he gets his story ideas, the structure of a story, the importance of emotion in stories, and the Taste Test competition.

Sheryl Gwyther

Photo of writer Sheryl GwytherPreferred audience: primary school students

Sheryl writes novels, chapter books, school plays and magazine articles for young people. Her published works include Secrets of Eromanga, an adventure novel (and e-book) for middle school readers; and the chapter books, Princess Clown, and Charlie and the Red Hot Chilli Pepper. Sheryl has also had a number of short stories published, including Corn Dolly Dead, a horror story in Black Dog Books’ Short and Scary anthology. 

Sheryl is a former primary school teacher and adult literacy educator. She lives in Brisbane and is available to present author talks or workshops at primary schools, libraries or festivals. All of her presentations can be adapted to suit any age group.

Topics include: creating and building your characters; getting ideas for story-telling: bringing Australia’s past to life through the magic of children’s fiction; and researching for story-telling.

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