Marianne de Pierres

Photo of author Marianne de PierresPreferred audience: all ages

Marianne is an award-winning and internationally published author.

She writes crime, science fiction and dark fantasy, and has been public speaking for fifteen years in classrooms, at conventions and expos.

Marianne is available for seminars, lectures, talks and individual consultations. Special areas of speaking interest are: ‘How to Find Your Story’, ‘How to Become a Professional Writer’ and ‘Using Social Media as a Marketing tool’.




Peter Carnavas

Photo of author/illustrator Peter CarnavasPreferred audience: primary school students

Peter Carnavas creates picture books for children and grown-ups to enjoy.  He writes simple yet poignant tales, accompanied by whimsical illustrations, that combine to create layers of meaning for the reader.  His books include Jessica’s Box (shortlisted CBCA Crichton Award and CBCA Notable Book 2009), Sarah’s Heavy Heart, The Important Things and Last Tree in the City.   

Peter is available to present talks or workshops at festivals, libraries and primary schools.  He can present on the following topics: illustration – learn to tell stories with pictures using colour, space, perspective and other techniques; characters – create your own cartoon characters that will have you giggling for hours; writing –  get ideas, plan a story and make every word count; making a picture book – bringing words and pictures together to make meaning.

JE Fison

Photo of writer Julie FisonPreferred audience: primary school students

Julie is a former television reporter and travel writer and has lived and worked in Australia, Asia and Europe. She is also the author of Hazard River, a series of adventure stories for primary school children. The emphasis in the series is on fun and action, but each story has an environmental theme. The first book in the series, Shark Frenzy, was inspired by a troubling fact: one hundred million sharks are slaughtered each year, mostly for their fins.

Julie is available for workshops on turning real events into really great adventure stories. As an author, she is particularly interested in how a snippet of information can be built into a whole story, with the help of believable characters, a good plot and a bit of imagination. Julie can also speak at events and festivals on the real issues that inspire the Hazard River stories.

Phil Kettle

Photo of author Phil KettlePreferred audience: years 3-6

Phil is best known for his various series including the ever-popular Toocool series (including the Marcy series by Susan Halliday) published by Ford Street, Boyz Rule and Get Real.

Phil's successful 'The Writer's Shirt Workshop' is two hours long, for boys or mixed groups in years 3-6.

The 'shirt' worn by Phil is key to the writing experience during this workshop. Having explored with participants why he writes, and why children should write, a step by step story plan is mapped covering idea selection and 'the shirt', setting the scene, character development, powerful introductions, the writing adventure, destination and detours, and story & ownership and titles.


Aleesah Darlison

Photo of author Aleesah DarlisonPreferred audience: years 2-6

Aleesah writes picture books and novels for children. She also reviews books for The Sun Herald. Aleesah’s publications include her picture book, Puggle’s Problem, and her series for children aged 7 and up, Totally Twins.

Aleesah has experience presenting author talks to large school groups and community clubs.

Her storytime sessions at libraries and children’s festivals are fun, interactive and educational and include puppets, soft toys and colouring-in activities. 

Aleesah also presents at writers festivals, and runs workshops for children and adults on creative writing, making picture books, and self-promotion.


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