South Australia

Claire Richards

Photo of illustrator Claire Richards

Preferred audience: primary students

Claire is a young cartoonist and illustrator. She has illustrated half a dozen picture books for young children, including Goldilocks and the Three Koalas. She has also illustrated A Little Bit by Peter and Christine Maniaty, which was a CBCA Notable Book.

She works mostly in watercolour but also plays with digital art, animation and collage.

Claire presents on her process of creating book illustrations and runs workshops for all ages but her preferred audience is primary school groups. Her most popular workshops are on cartooning from drawing animals, and creating characters to creating a personal style.

She also does workshops on simple watercolour, printmaking and portraits.

Ben Chandler

Photo of author Ben ChandlerPreferred audience: secondary students

Ben holds a PhD in creative writing and spends most of his time reading or writing about heroes (both old and new) from various cultures and mythologies around the world, including Japan and Europe.

His books include the Voyages of the Flying Dragon series.

Ben is currently working on Abraham & The Mongrel, a young adult urban fantasy novel set between Adelaide and several different Underworlds.

Ben has lectured and run workshops in creative writing, English, and media studies at Flinders University and the University of Adelaide. He is an experienced public speaker and loves sharing his work (and his love of heroes, villains, comic books, and video games) with secondary students.

Katrina Germein

Photo of author Katrina GermeinPreferred audience: preschoolers, parents and primary school children

Katrina Germein writes picture books that delight primary school children, preschoolers and adults alike. Her stories have won CBCA Notable Book Commendations and her titles include Big Rain Coming and My Dad Thinks He’s Funny.

Through the use of anecdotes, props and visual media Katrina engages children in story readings and fun presentations. She invites children to consider how stories move from ideas to books and offers motivational writing tips.

Katrina enjoys working with adults at festivals and workshops. She freely shares personal experiences of mistakes and successes and reflects on the writing process and being published.


KATRINA WILL NOT BE TOURING DURING 2017. BUT KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR HER NEW PICTURE BOOK: Great Goal! Marvellous Mark! published by Ford Street Publishing.

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