Sally Odgers

Photo of writer Sally OdgersPreferred audience: primary and older

Sally's first story was published in 1970, in the School Magazine. Since then, she has written just about everything from picture books to SF and fantasy. With her husband, Sally co-authors the popular Jack Russell: Dog Detective and Pet Vet series.

Sally did her first author talk at the age of seventeen, with no preparation beyond a request from an editor to ‘show these kids that not all authors have long white beards’.  That was the day she discovered her talent for Q&A, panels and motivational writing sessions. Workshops range from 30 minute meet-the-author or interactive storytelling to a full day ‘Magazine Boot Camp’ in which attendees produce content for a school/community magazine and follow it from idea to screen and/or print.

Since Sally began writing seriously while in primary school, she takes writing by and for children seriously, but never forgets it should also be fun.

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