June Alexander

Photo of author June AlexanderPreferred audience: 8 years to adults who are in any way involved with children

Former journalist and editor, June Alexander, is author of six non-fiction books on mental health (eating disorders), and six books on social history.

June won her first national essay competition at age nine, and has kept a personal diary since age 11. These diaries are a primary resource in her memoir, A Girl Called Tim, and feature in an upcoming book, The Diary Healer.

Workshops and talks include: 'life-writing' – keeping a diary encourages observation and reflection, improves writing skills and self-knowledge, and helps understand and express feelings and thoughts; 'social history' – everyone has a special story to tell, and this workshop helps people to discover skills and tools for preserving everyday life by uncovering the gem within; and 'story-telling as a tool to disseminate, and add value to, academic research findings and advocacy'. 

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