Bernard Caleo

Photo of author/illustrator Bernard CaleoPreferred audience: primary and secondary students

Bernard writes, draws, edits, publishes, broadcasts and teaches comic books. He made his first comic in 1990, and has been making them ever since.

He also writes and performs shows, in recent years using the Japanese form of storytelling called kamishibai, or 'paper theatre'.

His talks focus on the story of the evolution of comics, from comic strips to comic books to graphic novels. They can include some discussion about the language of comics and a demonstration of kamishibai storytelling (Japanese 'paper theatre' from the 1930s), a precursor to manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation).

His workshops are: 'make a comic strip' (30-40 minutes); 'make a page of comics' (50 - 90 minutes);and make a kamishibai story (50 -90 minutes).

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