Jeannette Rowe

Photo of author/illlustrator Jeanette RowePreferred audience: all ages

Jeannette is one of Australia’s best selling preschool authors and illustrators. She has sold over four million books worldwide, and is published throughout Australia and 25 other countries. Her books are available online in 15 different languages.

Jeannette’s work as a writer has grown from a strong educational base and her illustrations are warm, bright and funny. Currently Play Group Victoria’s Literacy Ambassador, Jeannette is passionate about promoting young children’s literacy development and encourages reading to children everyday. Jeannette considers BookPlay to be vital for all preschoolers.

She holds workshops and presentations for preschoolers through to parents and teachers. Topics include story writing, the gift of reading, literacy, encouraging reluctant readers, getting published and how to make a book.

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