Phillip Gwynne

phillip gwynnePreferred audience: primary students through to adults

Phillip Gwynne has written books for kids, young readers, teenagers and adults.

He also developed the screenplay for the feature film Australian Rules, based on his highly awarded first novel Deadly, Unna?

Phillip is also the author of The Debt, a six-part high-octane thriller series for young adult readers, first released by Allen and Unwin in January 2013.

Phillip's talks focus on his own story: how one of eight children, who grew up in a house that had no books, managed to become a multi-award winning writer.

His talks are funny, moving and absolutely inspirational.


Houston Dunleavy

Photo of composer and conductor Houston Dunleavey

Preferred audience: high school students and adults

Houston Dunleavy is a composer, conductor, and educator. He has been Adjunct Fellow at the Australian National University, Musical Director of the Sydney Male Choir, Head of Composition and Production at the Australian Institute of Music and Senior Lecturer and Acting Head of School at The University of Wollongong.

He is now Musical Director of The Brighton Children’s Choir and St Oswald’s Anglican Church, Glen Iris.

His music has been performed around the world, is published by Wirripang, and has been recorded on the Wirripang and Move labels. 

Houston works with Laura E Goodin in collaboration with schools' teaching staff to form creative teams of musicians, writers, and performers who will create short music-theatre works that tell their own original stories.

The format is flexible and can range from one-day intensives to visits over an extended time, between which students work with their teachers on the musicals.

Deryn Mansell

Phhoto of author Deryn MansellPreferred audience: years 5-12

While working and studying in Indonesia, Deryn drew on her in-country experiences and historical research to write Tiger Stone, a mystery adventure set in fourteenth-century Java. Tiger Stone was selected for the International Youth Library’s 2015 White Ravens Catalogue.

Deryn is also a journalist and former editor of Inside Indonesia’s bilingual education supplement.

Deryn’s fiction writing presentations show how learning about different cultures and studying other languages can give a writer special storytelling powers.

In her magazine writing workshops, participants learn writing, editing and design skills as they tell their own stories to a target audience through the medium of a self-published mini-magazine.

Cheree Peters

Photo of author Cheree PetersPreferred audience: young writers, ages 12-18

Ever since her cousin introduced her to the world of reading when she was ten, Cheree hasn’t been without a book to read. With stories and ideas always in her head, she decided to pursue her passion with a degree in creative writing.

A love of sports has kept her busy in between her writing frenzies.

Cheree talks about her various writing processes and how she turns her ideas into works of fiction, by focusing on the techniques she uses to develop an idea and build on a concept.

Cheree also workshops a specific technique so that participants can have an example of how to build on a concept.

Cheree's first YA novel is Time Catcher, due to be released in April 2016.

Renee Treml

 Photo of author and illustrator Renee TremlPreferred audience: primary school and art students of any age

Renee writes and illustrates books for young children. Her titles include One Very Tired Wombat (shortlisted for the 2013 CBCA Crichton Award), The Great Garden Mystery and Once I Heard a Little Wombat.

Renee’s illustrations have been featured in galleries, magazines, fine art prints and stationery.  

Renee’s workshops and talks are tailored and adjusted to best suite the age group and the needs of each class.

Topics previously covered include: character development (writing and illustrating); the parts of a story; what makes a mystery; and illustration techniques (digital or traditional).

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