Mark Carthew

Photo of author Mark CarthewPreferred audience: primary school students

Mark is an award winning children’s author, musician, educator and editor, and is well known for his books and series exploring wordplay. His books have involved collaboration with some of the world’s leading authors and illustrators.

Mark’s The Gobbling Tree, illustrated by Susy Boyer, won the Speech Pathology Australia’s 2009 Book of the Year. The Moose is Loose!, is illustrated by Matt Stanton and published by HarperCollins/ABC Books.

Mark presents interactive sessions for primary age levels as well as fun read aloud, musical story-time sessions for kinder and younger primary groups. Students have fun with stories, jokes, illustration styles, visual puns, puppets, songs, play-scripts, movement and gain insights into book creation & design. Mark also conducts talks to parents about literacy learning, adult writing groups, conference panels and keynotes.

Gabrielle Wang

Photo of author Gabrielle WangPreferred audience: prep-year 6, secondary groups (girls only), years 3-10, teachers and parents

Gabrielle’s stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy. Her books are about ghost hunters and enchanted gardens, hidden monasteries and fox spirits. They are about belonging and home and finding strength from within. Her latest books are The Wishbird and the Our Australian Girl Pearlie books. 

Gabrielle’s primary school talks are a combined talk and drawing workshop. She discusses inspiration and shares stories and pictures then finishes with an illustration. The children come away buzzing with excitement at their own drawings.

Gabrielle also conducts Chinese painting workshops for students years 3-10 and teachers; creative writing workshops for years 3-10 with fun exercises to expand the imagination; talks to year 9 girls studying Little Paradise; and talks to prep-2 students using her picture book The Race for the Chinese Zodiac.

Maureen McCarthy

Photo of author Maureen McCarthyPreferred audience: aged fifteen +

Maureen has written twelve character-based novels for young adults, her most popular being Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude which was made into a television series for the ABC.

The most recent is The Convent, has been reviewed widely and positively. Adolescents and adults alike read her novels.

Maureen’s popular workshop is titled ‘Making it Real’. Using a number of short exercises, workshop participants are encouraged to delve deeper into their own experiences as a source for their writing.

She offers hints on subject, style, storytelling and finding the confidence to express one's own unique inner 'voice'. Participants should come to the workshops prepared to work hard and have fun!

Julie Perrin

Photoof author Julie PerrinPreferred audience: primary (storytelling), upper primary/secondary (workshops)

Julie Perrin has 20 years experience as an oral storyteller and arts educator. Recently she has performed traditional tales for Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program and offered professional development for the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association. Her stories bring delight, wonder and laughter to her listeners. Julie is the winner of the 2011 Pat Glover Memorial Storytelling Award at Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Julie tells folktales from around the world, building cultural connection through stories from the Middle East, Africa and Europe. She tells participatory stories, chants, rhymes and trickster tales for primary students. Wonder tales, lived experience stories and poetry are woven together for secondary students.

Julie offers workshops in re-telling traditional stories and biographical storytelling.

Ian Trevaskis

Photo of author Ian TrevaskisPreferred audience: years 3 – 8

Ian is an award-winning children’s author who writes picture story books, novels for older readers, short stories and feature articles for magazines.

Recently retired from teaching, he now writes full time. He has over 20 years experience presenting writing workshops and author talks to a range of audiences.

Ian’s presentations and workshops include readings and book talks, ‘fun, fast and furious’ writing workshops for children in years 3 and beyond, writing and creating simple picture story books, general discussions about what writers do and how they do it, and tackling specific writing skills such as description, dialogue and character.

(Ian also has over 40 years experience as a primary school teacher and over 20 years experience presenting workshops for preps to year 12 students.)

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