Margaret Clark

Photo of author Margaret ClarkPreferred audience: teachers and parents

Margaret has written over 100 books about relationships, friendships, and social issues under the guise of humour. Margaret’s books include Pugwall (1987), which was made into a TV series, and The Chickabees series. Her latest book is an Aussie Nibble called Blast Off!

Margaret has a Doctorate in Education, with a major in children's literature, which adds authenticity and understanding to her workshops.

Margaret mostly conducts workshops for teachers and parents to demonstrate fun and unique ways of getting kids to write and read. She also speaks at big conferences on controversial topics to parents and teachers. Margaret prefers festivals, conferences and teachers’ curriculum days to pass on her skills and knowledge to teachers.

Julie Davey

Photo of author Julie DaveyPreferred audience: community groups, parents and teachers 

Julie is a best-selling author and illustrator of positive attitude resources for children. She is also the CEO of the Attitude Books Foundation Inc.

As a former nurse she knows that of course prevention is better than cure, and loves to show people innovative ways to reduce anxiety and build resilience in their children.

Julie offers two presentations: 'Possibility thinking – how to focus on creating what you want in life, rather than what you don't want', which includes tips for parents and teachers that they can use in the home and in the classroom; and 'Positive thinking for health and happiness', an upflifting workshop for grown-ups of any age.


Michael Connell

Photo of comedian Michael ConnellPreferred audience: ages 14 yrs +

Michael began his comedy career after winning a comedy competition in high school. Since then he has appeared on TV shows such as Australia’s Got Talent, given countless high school motivational talks, and performed in all of Australia’s best comedy clubs.

“… genuinely funny and not in need of bad language or shock tactics to raise laughs …****” – Herald Sun.

Michael Connell explains how his high school education helped him become a successful comedian.

Using hilarious stand-up comedy, Michael encourages students to not let the negative aspects of school such as bullying and peer pressure stop them from reaching their goals.

Dave O'Neil

Photo of comedian and author Dave O'NeilPreferred audience: all ages

Dave does all sorts of gigs from footy clubs to corporate functions to community events. Dave’s laidback style lends itself to any function; Dave can write material specifically for an event, interact with the crowd and keep it G rated!

Dave is instantly recognisable from his TV work, having appeared on Spicks and Specks 49 times! He has also appeared on such shows as Good News Week, The Circle, Rove Live, The Panel, Adam Hills Tonight Show, Can of Worms, The Fat, Comedy Festival Gala, Channel Nine Grand Final Breakfast and Talking About Your Generation.

Dave has written several books including Unfit for Life and the more recently Everything Tastes Better Crumbed. Dave has also written children's books including Lies Your Parents Tell You and Raised by Frank.

June Alexander

Photo of author June AlexanderPreferred audience: 8 years to adults who are in any way involved with children

Former journalist and editor, June Alexander, is author of six non-fiction books on mental health (eating disorders), and six books on social history.

June won her first national essay competition at age nine, and has kept a personal diary since age 11. These diaries are a primary resource in her memoir, A Girl Called Tim, and feature in an upcoming book, The Diary Healer.

Workshops and talks include: 'life-writing' – keeping a diary encourages observation and reflection, improves writing skills and self-knowledge, and helps understand and express feelings and thoughts; 'social history' – everyone has a special story to tell, and this workshop helps people to discover skills and tools for preserving everyday life by uncovering the gem within; and 'story-telling as a tool to disseminate, and add value to, academic research findings and advocacy'. 

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