Jeannette Rowe

Photo of author/illlustrator Jeanette RowePreferred audience: all ages

Jeannette is one of Australia’s best selling preschool authors and illustrators. She has sold over four million books worldwide, and is published throughout Australia and 25 other countries. Her books are available online in 15 different languages.

Jeannette’s work as a writer has grown from a strong educational base and her illustrations are warm, bright and funny. Currently Play Group Victoria’s Literacy Ambassador, Jeannette is passionate about promoting young children’s literacy development and encourages reading to children everyday. Jeannette considers BookPlay to be vital for all preschoolers.

She holds workshops and presentations for preschoolers through to parents and teachers. Topics include story writing, the gift of reading, literacy, encouraging reluctant readers, getting published and how to make a book.

Marie Alafaci

Preferred audience: preschool – grade 6, teachers and parentsPhoto of Marie Alafaci

Marie is a former science and English teacher and corporate trainer who has written for as long as she can remember.

However, it was when she completed a professional writing and editing course that she realised she wanted to be a full-time writer.

Marie runs memoir workshops for community groups as well as critical and creative thinking workshops for adults. She also runs workshops on writing picture books for primary school children of all ages and does kindergarten visits.

She is learning to play the ukulele so she can encourage young children to sing the thousands of hilarious and educational songs out there.


Patrick Guest

Photo of author Patrick GuestPreferred audience: primary and secondary students; adults

A born storyteller-come-overnight success, Patrick has had five picture books signed with Little Hare over the past two years. His stories are heartfelt explorations of courage, kindness and the joys of being a kid.

Patrick’s visits are interactive and fun, but he is always willing to bare his soul and discuss the deeper motivations behind his books. His first book, the best-selling That’s What Wings Are For, was inspired by his son’s battle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and provides a perfect vehicle for celebrating diversity. His heart-on-sleeve Q&A session was very well received at the Eltham New Voices Festival last year.

With his latest book, Patrick challenges the audience to feats of daring and kindness en route to joining The Ricker Racker Club.

Catherine Bateson

Photo of poet and author Catherine BatesonPreferred audience: primary to adult

Catherine is a poet and award-winning writer for both children and young adults. She introduces poetry into her novels for younger readers whenever possible. Secretly, she longs to write a fantasy trilogy, but in the meantime she writes romance; her romance for young adults will be released in 2017 by Allen & Unwin.

Catherine regularly runs poetry workshops but also enjoys teaching fiction writing. As a long-time TAFE teacher of Professional Writing and Editing, Catherine has a lot of experience teaching adults.

She loves leading professional development workshops for teachers and runs structural editing and revision workshops as well.

Catherine has taught across the board – primary to adults – and enjoys that diversity.

Anna Ciddor

Anna CiddorPreferred audience: years 3-7

Anna has made her name as a versatile writer and illustrator of fiction, travel and historical books. Her Viking Magic series earned her fans throughout the world. Her latest children’s book, The Family with Two Front Doors, is based on her grandmother’s childhood in Poland in the 1920s – a heart-warming Jewish story that is not a holocaust story.

Anna inspires students with her enthusiasm. Hear the incredible stories behind the four-year research quest for her latest book. See drafts, editing samples and illustrating demonstrations. Taste food from the story. Learn how to braid ‘challah’ bread or how to write your own chapter.

Teachers’ notes are available for the book.


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