Sherryl Clark

Photo of author Sherryl ClarkPreferred audience: primary and secondary students

Sherryl has published more than 40 books, from picture books to novels. Her verse novel, Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!), was a CBCA Honour Book in 2008, and many of her titles have been notable books for the CBCA book awards.

Other titles include One Perfect Pirouette and Now I Am Bigger. She writes both fiction and poetry, and loves to research. She teaches fiction writing and writing for children and YA at Victoria University TAFE, and as well as her own website, she also has a site dedicated to poetry for children.

Sherryl has done visits and workshops in schools from Melbourne to beyond the Black Stump, as well as Hong Kong and Tucson! She is available for both talks and workshops, and is also keen to visit non-metro schools via Skype or internet conferencing.

George Ivanoff

photo of author George IvanoffPreferred audience: primary and secondary students and adults

George is an author and stay-at-home dad, living in Melbourne. He is the author of the interactive You Choose series, the RFDS Adventures and the Gamers trilogy. He has books on the reading lists for both the VIC and NSW Premiers' Reading Challenges, and has won a YABBA and two Chronos awards. George has also written over 80 books for the education market, as well as many stories for magazines and anthologies. George drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and watches too much Doctor Who.

As well as presentations on his books, process and inspiration, George runs workshops on various aspects of writing including getting started, creating characters, world building, and story structure. He’s also happy to tailor a presentation or workshop to your specific needs.



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