Lucy Wise

Photo of singer/songwriter Lucy WisePreferred audience: ages 11 through to adult

Singer-songwriter Lucy Wise has delighted audiences across Australia, New Zealand and the UK with her masterful storytelling, intricate ukulele and guitar playing and soulful voice. Drawing inspiration from her background in Appalachian and Celtic folk music, Lucy’s songs traverse the landscapes of memory, travel, and human relationships to place.

Lucy has released four albums. Her current release is A Painting of the Universe.

Workshops include the interactive 'Storytelling through songwriting'; songs can be a powerful way to tell stories, and can begin from the smallest idea. Responding to our surroundings using brainstorming techniques and improvisation, Lucy will guide the group through writing a song together.


Michael Hyde

Photo of author Michael HydePreferred audience: primary and secondary students

Michael Hyde has been writing for over 30 years, mainly for adolescents and YA. All along the Watchtower is his memoir of his life in the sixties. His other titles include Footy Dreaming, Tyger Tyger, Hey Joe and Max.

After 25 years as an English teacher, Michael now lectures in writing and literature at Victoria University and conducts writing workshops across Australia.

Michael gives both short and long talks that focus on writing in general, his writing life, and the evolution of his novels. Writing workshops cover memoir, sports, life writing, description and imagery, characterisation, dialogue, story development, and drafting. Exercises are delivered in digestible portions for those already engaged as well as the disengaged.

Engagement, rather than ‘motivation’ is Michael’s driving force.

Victoria Lane

Preferred audience: primary studentsPhoto of author Victoria Lane

Victoria is an award-winning journalist and writer who has worked in New York, London and Sydney and now calls Melbourne home.

She spent 17 years as a correspondent for Reuters, the international news wire. Victoria writes picture books and chapter books for kids aged 3 to 8.

Workshops can include any or most of these topics: fiction vs non-fiction, drawing on her background in journalism; her background as a writer and journalist; how children’s books are made: and the publishing process. Writing workshops focus on character, problem and resolution.

Victoria's current book is Celia and Nonna illustrated by Kayleen West.


Mitch Vane

Photo of illustrator Mitch VanePreferred audience: primary students

Mitch works in a variety of mediums but her favourite is a good old-fashioned messy dip pen and India ink. She often collaborates with partner and The Age writer Danny Katz & they are best known for the YABBA Award-winning Little Lunch series (which was made into a mockumentary series by the ABC).

Mitch has created many other children's books including The Patch by Justina Chen Headly, Bed Tails by Meredith Costain and many books in the Aussie Nibbles series including CBCA short-listed The Deep End by Ursula Dubosarsky.

Mitch concentrates on character development and laughter. She likes to brainstorm with the students to create a funny scenario on the whiteboard, giving a few drawing tricks of the trade, then gets them to create a character of their own. The emphasis is on ideas, encouraging them to loosen up and think outside the box.

Scot Gardner

Photo of author Scot GardnerPreferred audience: Years 5 – 10 (Ages 11-16)

Scot was born in suburban Melbourne but has lived most of his life near the small rural town of Yinnar in Gippsland, Victoria.

He got his big break in writing in 2001 after attending a writers’ conference with Australia’s grand master of realist young adult fiction, John Marsden.

His books include Burning Eddy, short-listed for both the CBCA and NSW Premier's Literary awards.

Scot’s books and talks could be broadly categorised as social realism and are suitable for upper primary to upper secondary aged audiences.

He is both funny and thought-provoking and his workshops lean heavily on personal narrative – the stories that make us who we are.

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